Why should we start saving now?, How much to save?, Why is saving alone not enough to achieve financial freedom?, How Inflation eats into our savings, How to beat Inflation?, The meaning of different type of income such as active income and passive income. How financial education leads to financial freedom. The 7 steps to financial freedom.

Steps to reach Financial Freedom

Saving is the first step for wealth creation. It is especially important now due to current uncertainty of world economies and massive job loss all around the global. It is the best time now to revisit the important habit of saving. Many corporation and individual are lacking or with little self discipline on saving. Some individual have bad habit to save money on the residual balance left after they have spent most of their pay check. The money left behind for saving will be minimal. The right habit is to set aside of 10% on monthly pay check for saving, then uses the rest of the money on necessary expenses.

It is recommended that we set aside at least 3 to 6 months of our current salary as...


Imagine a life where you don’t need to worry about money, and you can have everything your family needs. A life of financial freedom is attainable. The secret is to follow a set of proven principles and techniques and apply them to your own life and then you will be on your way to achieving financial freedom and the life you have always desired.

You need to understand that my principles and techniques are more than just theory; they are based on real life experiences and successes and are proven to work over and over again in all types of markets. No matter what the circumstance, these success principles will work to move you toward financial independence, as long as you apply them.

There are so many other things on that list, because the acquisition of money is such a small part of true wealth. There are nine key components to achieving the wealth you crave.

The first component is a retirement plan. To get freedom from working, you will need a successful retirement plan. this is crucial to obtain financial freedom.

The second very...


Financial problems plague too many people in the world. Attaining financial freedom is a dream for many of us but it is so difficult to get out of the rut of debt. Some would love to solve financial problems with an investment but do not know where to start.

Most people in the world would love to attain financial freedom. If only it was not so difficult. Some may wonder how there are some people who are billionaires and others who live in a cardboard box. It is a sad reality. Most people have to work long and hard hours in order to achieve their financial freedom. They also usually have to work for someone else who is even more free financially. Some people own their own business that is doing very well and bringing in more than enough money to support their family, but a lot of times they have to choose between financial freedom and spending quality time with the family they are working for to support.

The cost of running their business most likely takes a big chunk out of the profits if they have to pay for a lease and utilities etc. for maintaining a building....


This article describes ways to achieve financial freedom and where to find the resources needed to achieve financial freedom.

Are you looking financial freedom resources that can help you find ways to get yourself on the path to financial freedom? If you need tips on you can achieve financial freedom there are lots of financial freedom resources that can give you ideas on how to budget your money creatively or cut your household costs or invest your money wisely in financial products that are going to bring you a high return rate.

One important factor in true financial freedom is hard work, education and research. Knowing as much as you can about finances, how they work and researching any company that you get involved with will go a long way towards helping you with true financial freedom.

If you desire, and keep your eyes open, chances are you can stumble across a seminar in your area that is geared towards true financial freedom. Often times, these seminars are cost effective and are full of helpful advice that can be modified and applied to practically any...


An overview of what a life insurance policy is and its benefits. Also discussed are many of the factors that affect insurance rates and what you can do to get the best rate possible.

Everyone should own some sort of life insurance policy to protect there financial security. There are many factors in determining how much coverage one may need and they should all be considered in choosing a policy, life insurance is generally cheap and you should not skimp on coverage.

The best time to buy coverage is when you are young and healthy and if you are a smoker quit as soon as possible, this is a huge factor in policy premiums, you will generally pay triple or more if you are a smoker so its in your best interest to quit. The younger you are the cheaper the policy will be and one nice thing about term policy is that the premium is level which means it will not increase over the years like other types of insurance policies.

Another factor to consider is the amount of coverage that you may need. You should have enough coverage to pay off your house, pay all the bills...


Many of us have questions on becoming the Banker with Whole Life Insurance Banking. What does that even mean? A Whole Life Insurance policy will have a cash value you can borrow against. Another advantage of this type of policy is the payment of dividends by many insurers. Dividends are generally taxed as gains; in the case of life insurance, however, the IRS treats dividends as a return of premium and they are not taxable. Meaning this money is Tax FREE.

Other benefits of being your own banker with a Whole Life insurance Policy include the fact the rate you pay will never increase. This is for your whole life and you are safely locked into a price your agreed on when you set up a policy.

Guaranteed growth of your money every year, is another reason to look into whole Life Insurance. This will be interest-rate-driven based on the economy, but your account will move forward every year regardless of what the market does. This is compound tax-free growth and not the average rate of return you get with mutual funds. this means every year your rate will go higher and the...


What are important thing to know about Whole Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance Banking?

Whole Life Insurance coverage cannot be revoked, reduced or cancelled except in cases of non-payment or fraud. This makes whole life insurance appealing and a safe investment because it provides a degree of certainty. The best advantages of whole life insurance are:

  • Protection for life – It wont expire or go down in value. Ever.
  • Level Premiums – The rate you pay for your policy will never increase. Which makes it SAFE
  • Cash Value – A portion of your premium builds cash value which can be borrowed against.
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit – The amount your loved ones receive is guaranteed. Your investing in yourself, while taking care of your loved ones in the process.

Cash value (Life Insurance Banking) - Unlike the death benefit, is one you can use while you’re are alive to borrow against or use to reduce possibly even eliminate, premiums down the road. The cash value of a whole life policy accumulates at a tax advantage...


Safe Investing with a high return:

Want to keep your nest egg safe? Use to learn how to find safe investments, and see why Become The Banker should belong within the context of your retirement income plan.

Which Type of investment is considered safe? Whole Life Insurance Banking is banking on yourself, which makes it very safe. Many Investing options have the potential to lose principle, with whole life insurance banking that is not case. A popular feature of permanent life insurance is that it accumulates cash value that can grow over time – ensuring that if the policy is surrendered, the policy owner will still have something to show for it that cannot be forfeited. However, this “non-forfeiture value” of a life insurance policy has an important secondary benefit as well – it gives an you the means to provide yourself a personal loan at favorable interest rates, because the cash value provides collateral for the loan.

How much money should you be...


Life insurance banking is one of the safest investments you can make in 2019. Become the banker is designed to help you make the leap into financial safety. Even though it may appeal to more affluent investors, life insurance banking is for everyone who has long term liquidity needs, over and above a desire for a permanent death benefit.

Here’s the pitch, in a nutshell:

Over the course of their lives, most people pay oodles of interest to creditors on all manner of loans, from mortgages to cars to credit cards to college loans. This lost interest — and the interest on that interest — represents a tremendous drain on individual wealth.

If, instead, you aggressively saved money within a certain type of life insurance policy, you could fund these purchases from that policy — and pay the policy back, rather than the bank. While there are some technical issues with the phrasing, this is the functional equivalent of paying yourself for the loan, with interest. Thus, you are retaining the interest within the cash value of your own life insurance policy, rather than...



How Many People Are Financially Independent During Retirement?

Most people want to be financially independent during their retirement years. Government statistics, however, tell a different story.

According to the Social Security Administration, of people age 65 and older:

  • 34.0% have incomes under $20,000
  • 26.5% have incomes from $20,000 to $40,000
  • 20.7% have incomes from $40,000 to $75,000
  • Only 18.8% have incomes in excess of $75,000

Source: Social Social Administration, Office of Policy, Income of the Population 55 or Older, 2014, released April 2016Which group will you be in?

The secret to financial independence at retirement is to commit to a plan today, while you're working and earning an income, a portion of which can be saved for your future financial security!



by Brian Tracy


One of the greatest success...


There has been some misinformation distributed via Google posts about the powerful and time tested financial strategy called Become The Banker that we’d like to address with this blog. One of the untruths being circulated is that they are not inviting you to a “bring your own beverage” party. This individual does not have your best interest at heart when he claims to be “warning you away from a get-rich scheme called ‘Be Your Own Banker.’” The real truth is that this is inaccurate information about the Become the Banker program. It is never promoted as a get-rich scheme. As a matter of fact, we advise consumers that this is not a “sprint,” but rather a “marathon” that will more than likely out perform any other investment.

The same individual is trying to make you feel that he is protecting you by not naming a website that is promoting this concept because he doesn’t “want anyone to get sucked into what,” he claims, “is essentially one step from being a scam.” The Become the Banker strategy is a far cry from being a scam. Obviously, the individual that things that is...


Prior to 2005, the zenith of fail safe investing was real estate. Even before the sub prime bubble was created, buying a home was considered an investment that could not lose. Even in 2006 as I was warning friends not to go near real estate, they were listening to real estate agents spouting the old adage that real estate never goes down. Today, home foreclosures are slowing. This is not a sign of recovery in this sector. It is indicative of the bad loans the law should never have mandated, reaching the their inevitable ending in default. Do not invest in real estate any time soon or you will be stuck with a non appreciating asset that lacks liquidity and requires taxes and maintenance.

Today, fail safe investing first and foremost requires that you be invested in something. Do not wait until an economic recovery before putting your cash back into an investment. Cash today is like a glass of water on a hot day. Drink it now, because soon it won't be capable of quenching your thirst. Like water, the value of the dollar is evaporating.

When you look at the state of the...


The challenge facing investors today: how to put together the best investment strategies to make your money can grow without too much risk. Stock funds and bond funds are always part of the mix for most folks, and so are good safe investments. Looking down the road, there could be more trouble in the world's debt markets; and America's plans to stimulate a luke-warm economy by lowering interest rates to new lows might not have the intended effect. So, let's look at how to stay out of harm's way in 2019 and beyond in case another shoe drops, starting with what are and what are not safe investments.

Going into 2019, bonds and bond funds were like magnets for people who wanted higher interest income in relatively safe investments. Compared to other alternatives investors got higher interest income, but many people don't understand the safety issue. Truly safe investments are fixed in nature, pay interest, and do not fluctuate in value. Bonds have a fixed interest rate but fluctuate in value as they trade in the open market. Bond funds have worked well for average investors...


BECOME THE BANKER Retirement Planning and Social Security

Does your retirement planning include Social Security? If so, how much do you really know about Social Security and how it works?

The Social Security Act was written by President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration and passed by Congress in 1935 as part of the New Deal. Use of the term Social Security in the United States today generally refers to the federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program. Social Security is currently the largest social insurance program in the U.S., funded through dedicated payroll taxes called Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). When you work and pay Social Security taxes, you earn credits toward Social Security benefits, including:

Retirement Benefits: When applying your Social Security retirement benefit to your retirement planning, you should know the amount will depend on your age, your earnings, and when you decide to retire. Social Security retirement benefits may also be payable to your spouse or certain other family...



Regardless of your reason for giving, a gift of a tax-free life insurance policy can represent a substantial future gift to a favorite charity at relatively little cost to you. You can:

Make a Charity the Beneficiary of an Existing Policy: If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, you can name the charity as the beneficiary meaning that the charity will receive the policy’s death benefit, tax-free, after you pass away. While there are no current tax benefits to this approach the value of the policy will be removed from your estate for federal estate tax purposes.

Make a Charity the Owner and Beneficiary of an Existing Policy: Instead of simply naming the charity as beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy, you transfer full ownership of the policy to the charity. The charity will then receive the policy death benefit, tax-free, after you pass away. In addition to removing the value of the policy from your estate for federal income tax deductions.

Help a Charity Purchase a New Insurance Policy on Your...


Financial Planning: A Road Map to attaining Financial Freedom

Do you have a lifelong goal of attaining financial freedom? Well, if you do, then you should know that you are just one among the many people out there today whose main objective in life is to reach a point where you do not have to worry about finances. This objectives can be compared to an exotic destination that is home to many hidden treasures. Getting to this destination is not easy and will require that you have a good plan and a map.

Financial planning is the ultimate road map to getting to the exotic destination called financial freedom. With a solid plan, the journey to financial freedom can be less stressful, more convenient, fun and successful in the end. The most important thing is to start today and follow some key financial planning steps to guide you throughout your lifelong journey.

In today's uncertain economy, it can be very difficult to manage your finances properly. First, there is income next comes bills and expenses. Also, there is the need to save and invest in order to secure...


Having a financial planner at your disposal can make it a lot easier for you to manage your money. However, you need to be able to trust the person that you hire completely.

These tips will help you find a safe financial planner to work with:

Ask for Recommendations

Reach out to the people in your life and find out whether or not they use a financial planner. If they do, ask them some questions. Ask them if they would recommend the planner that they currently work with? Have they been successful in making their money work for them? Are they happy with the returns they have been receiving?

Getting a recommendation from someone that you know and trust can be very helpful. When you go to meet with the financial planner, you won't feel like you are talking to a stranger. You'll feel like you are meeting with someone that you have a real connection with. This should help to put you at ease.

Find someone with a track record

If you want to make sure a financial planner is completely legitimate, you should find someone that has a track record. The...


Managing wealth is of course the most important reason to hire a financial advisor, but the reality is that professional help when it comes to managing your funds can go beyond what's on the surface. Your advisor may help you out perform the stock market, but acquiring wealth is not the same as keeping it. What happens down the line when you need to care for aging parents or put a child through college? These are all questions no one seems to want to answer or even think about.

Your advisor can push your limits and make you think of all of the possible circumstances in your life that may impact your funds. Unexpected emergencies in the family or a sick child may impact your ability to keep up appearances. Not to mention, the dreaded question no one wants to answer is; what happens if I lose my job? You may be doing good at work as of right now and you can make smart financial investments, but losing a job can cause the world you've built for yourself to come crashing down.

Here are some things a financial advisor can help with:

Your advisor can push you to...


If you're trying to make investments and plan for retirement, a financial adviser can certainly come in handy. Naturally, there are online discount brokers for small investors and all kinds of other modern options that can help you avoid having to pay a fee to a financial advisor. Is it worth paying the fee though? Let's take a look at some tips regarding hiring a financial planner or adviser and see when they would be a good fit.

For starters, people usually don't hire a financial advisor unless they have a significant amount of money they are willing to invest. The reason for this is because the adviser's fee is going to eat into their rate of return. However, think about this for a minute. What if the adviser picks better investments, and it ends up offsetting what you would have paid him or her? After all, that's what you're paying for anyway, to have an adviser better manage your money.

People do make all kinds of mistakes when investing. Think about your experiences and whether or not you have made any mistakes. I know I have, but I have still chosen to be my...


Are you planning on retiring soon? Maybe you were forced into retirement like my mom. You always hear about stories like that, and then it happens to you or someone you know. Retiring early has it's benefits, as my mom can surely tell you, but at the same time, it can be difficult unless you're ready. You might be planning on retiring soon, but are you ready?

Maybe you've been putting it off because you're still building your nest egg. Or, maybe you're just starting out planning for your golden years, an you want to make sure you do it right. The main key to saving is consistency, although it does matter what investments you choose. You are going to invest, right? Do you have a 401k if not, do you have an IRA? Perhaps you have both of them, and then that would likely mean you're on track towards your savings goal for when you retire.

There are discounts brokers, sites, apps and other resources that can help you save for retirement. Are you planning on retiring early? if you start saving really early and put back enough money, the right investments and compounded...


You may think that worrying and planning about your financial future is unimportant, but you couldn't be further from the truth. If you plan to retire on your income, it's important to start saving money and planning your finances in early adulthood. Understandably, many people find financial decisions to be cumbersome and even harder to understand, which is why hiring a financial advisor may be worth the costs. Of course, since an advisor requires an initial investment, it makes sense to consider the advantages of turning to a professional.

Uncomplicate money matters: Most people aren't financially stable simply because they don't see the bigger picture. While you have money, you don't want to spend time thinking about the potential of not having it in the near future. Of course, financial decisions whether in regards to investments or filing taxes may seem hard to grasp, you can uncomplicate them by hiring a financial planner. Professionals know how to speak in layman's terms and help you understand the options for your future.

Plan your retirement: You may feel...


When it comes to your finances, proper planning is essential. If you don't come up with a solid plan for how to invest and save your money, you will never find the financial security that you crave.

If you are like most people, you probably weren't born knowing how to effectively manage your money. Even worse, most high schools don't provide students with guidance on how to deal with money issues in the real world. That means that you may not be prepared to plan for things like buying a home, having children, sending your kids to school, or retiring from work.

All hope is not lost, however, instead all that you need to do to get a grip on your finances is to work with a financial planner. These professionals are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to how best to manage your money. They can help you come up with a plan that allows you to achieve all of your dreams, no matter how much or how little money you make.

The following guide outlines all of the most important characteristics that you should consider when looking for a financial advisor:



Some investors wouldn't even say that we are living in uncertain economic times when it comes to the stock market. The economy itself is always struggling in today's world, but the stock market is doing better than ever. That doesn't mean that it will continue down that road, and it certainly doesn't do anything for affordability when it comes to people trying to make ends meet and plan for retirement.

Safe financial planning means something different to everyone. Some people would rather keep money under the mattress and not even touch the bank. These people might or might not be good at saying, but you need your saved money to make money if you've going to beat inflation and retire comfortably. What type of investments are you going to make?

You certainly don't have to choose mutual funds, ETFs or individual securities. Yet, you are going to want to be sure that you choose your investments wisely. What about certificates of deposit? The problem with these savings and investment vehicles is that the interest rates for them ranked years ago and really never recovered....


Some investors wouldn't even say that we are living in uncertain economic times when it comes to the stock market. The economy itself is always struggling in today's world, but the stock market is doing better than ever. That doesn't mean that it will continue down that road, and it certainly doesn't do anything for affordability when it comes to people trying to make ends meet and plan for retirement.

Safe financial planning means something different to everyone. Some people would rather keep money under the mattress and not even touch the bank. These people might or might not be good at saying, but you need your saved money to make money if you've going to beat inflation and retire comfortably. What type of investments are you going to make?

You certainly don't have to choose mutual funds, ETFs or individual securities. Yet, you are going to want to be sure that you choose your investments wisely. What about certificates of deposit? The problem with these savings and investment vehicles is that the interest rates for them ranked years ago and really never recovered....


Safe Investments allow you to reduce the risks you take, to protect your portfolio against inflation and to slowly grow your nest egg without risking it all. Here are the top safe financial investments you can add to your portfolio.

1. Precious Metals

Gold, Silver and other precious metals are a popular form of investment because they will protect you against inflations. The value of the precious metals you invest in might fluctuate over the years but should remain steady. This is not a portion of your portfolio that will grow considerably but this is a good way to offset other risky investments. Precious metals have other advantages, such as always being in high demand and being very easy to liquidate if you choose to invest in coins and bullion.

2. Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit or CD's are a great way to safely invest your money since there is a guaranteed return. The downside of CD's is that your money is tied up for a while and that the returns are usually low. However, there are no risks since you cannot lose your money and you will...


Is there really such a thing as a safe investment? Critics of that question on all sides of the investing world would say that certificates of deposit, T Bills and the likes are considered safe. Yet many of those same people would argue that mutual funds aren't safe. Guys, let me just paint a picture for you. Then you will understand more about how to think when it comes to safe investments, no matter who you are. It will be seasoned investor's perspective worth reading.

Have you seen what the stock market is doing lately? It is at record highs all the while the economy is still not quite performing on all levels, across the board. In other words, big business and investors are making money, but the American economy is still in the toilet. Now just how could that happen you ask?

Take a step back in time to right before Obama took over as President. Do you remember the fallout of the housing crisis? do you remember the subsequent reaction of the stock market? All those things are done affecting America's core businesses, and despite the stock market scare back then,...