1. What is Life Insurance Banking? What are the benefits?

    Prior to 2005, the zenith of fail safe investing was real estate. Even before the sub prime bubble was created, buying a home was considered an investment that could not lose. Even in 2006 as I was warning friends not to go near real estate, they were listening to real estate agents spouting the old adage that real estate never goes down. Today, home foreclosures are slowing. This is not a sign of…Read More

  2. Safe Investing with Life Insurance Banking

    The challenge facing investors today: how to put together the best investment strategies to make your money can grow without too much risk. Stock funds and bond funds are always part of the mix for most folks, and so are good safe investments. Looking down the road, there could be more trouble in the world's debt markets; and America's plans to stimulate a luke-warm economy by lowering interest ra…Read More

  3. Don’t Miss Out On The Become The Banker Opportunity Due To Inaccurate Information.

    There has been some misinformation distributed via Google posts about the powerful and time tested financial strategy called Become The Banker that we’d like to address with this blog.  One of the untruths being circulated is that they are not inviting you to a “bring your own beverage” party.  This individual does not have your best interest at heart when he claims to be “warning you aw…Read More

  4. Become The Banker Retirement Planning and Social Security

    BECOME THE BANKER Retirement Planning and Social Security Does your retirement planning include Social Security?  If so, how much do you really know about Social Security and how it works? The Social Security Act was written by President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration and passed by Congress in 1935 as part of the New Deal.  Use of the term Social Security in the United States today genera…Read More

  5. Leaving A Tax Free Legacy

    LEAVING A TAX FREE LEGACY Regardless of your reason for giving, a gift of a tax-free life insurance policy can represent a substantial future gift to a favorite charity at relatively little cost to you.  You can: Make a Charity the Beneficiary of an Existing Policy:  If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, you can name the charity as the beneficiary meaning that the charity will …Read More

  6. Financial Planning: A Road Map To Attaining Financial Freedom

    Financial Planning: A Road Map to attaining Financial Freedom Do you have a lifelong goal of attaining financial freedom? Well, if you do, then you should know that you are just one among the many people out there today whose main objective in life is to reach a point where you do not have to worry about finances. This objectives can be compared to an exotic destination that is home to many hidden…Read More

  7. How To Find A Safe Financial Planner?

    Having a financial planner at your disposal can make it a lot easier for you to manage your money. However, you need to be able to trust the person that you hire completely. These tips will help you find a safe financial planner to work with: Ask for Recommendations Reach out to the people in your life and find out whether or not they use a financial planner. If they do, ask them some questions. A…Read More

  8. The Very Reasons You Should Hire A Financial Advisor

    Managing wealth is of course the most important reason to hire a financial advisor, but the reality is that professional help when it comes to managing your funds can go beyond what's on the surface. Your advisor may help you out perform the stock market, but acquiring wealth is not the same as keeping it. What happens down the line when you need to care for aging parents or put a child through co…Read More

  9. Would Hiring A Financial Advisor Really Be Worth It?

    If you're trying to make investments and plan for retirement, a financial adviser can certainly come in handy. Naturally, there are online discount brokers for small investors and all kinds of other modern options that can help you avoid having to pay a fee to a financial advisor. Is it worth paying the fee though? Let's take a look at some tips regarding hiring a financial planner or adviser and …Read More

  10. It’s Recommended To Save For Retirement From The Very Beginning

    Are you planning on retiring soon? Maybe you were forced into retirement like my mom. You always hear about stories like that, and then it happens to you or someone you know. Retiring early has it's benefits, as my mom can surely tell you, but at the same time, it can be difficult unless you're ready. You might be planning on retiring soon, but are you ready? Maybe you've been putting it off becau…Read More