What is Life Insurance Banking? What are the benefits?

Prior to 2005, the zenith of fail safe investing was real estate. Even before the sub prime bubble was created, buying a home was considered an investment that could not lose. Even in 2006 as I was warning friends not to go near real estate, they were listening to real estate agents spouting the old adage that real estate never goes down. Today, home foreclosures are slowing. This is not a sign of recovery in this sector. It is indicative of the bad loans the law should never have mandated, reaching the their inevitable ending in default. Do not invest in real estate any time soon or you will be stuck with a non appreciating asset that lacks liquidity and requires taxes and maintenance.
Today, fail safe investing first and foremost requires that you be invested in something. Do not wait until an economic recovery before putting your cash back into an investment. Cash today is like a glass of water on a hot day. Drink it now, because soon it won’t be capable of quenching your thirst. Like water, the value of the dollar is evaporating.
When you look at the state of the worlds economies, there is literally only one that looks good. Of course I am talking about Retirement. Regardless of how you my feel about it, it is  the new 800 pound gorilla of wealth. There are many retirement companies listed on the various web exchanges, and although they have cooled and lost some value this year, this is just a breather.
Another sector that has always fallen into the fail safe investing category is food. No matter how bad of good a country is doing economically, people have to eat. In third world countries, clean water is often the single worst problem they have. Investment in water related stocks is expected to one day be a safe bet.
There is a common misconception that retirement planning is risky and complicated. Actually, that is true; the can be both risky and complicated, but they can also be very simple and reduce the risk that we all face when investing in the stock market.
Here is a simple way to use put options to protect your investments from disaster. But before we begin, there’s an obvious prerequisite. You have to have investments in companies that have options. If your investments are in mutual funds, that is a little harder, but we’ll cover that another time.
The first step is to get a idea of your investments. You can go to your financial planner or a company that offers a step by step guide to guaranteed success in your investment.
If the price of what i want verses say what I can afford are different, i talk with my financial planner about safer options or how to reach my goal. It is the best to have a goal as long as you get started somewhere
Let’s say I have only 25% of what I actually want to make? I can get on a plan to get the rest by and i can map out how long it will take. Investing in yourself is the greatest investment, and even can benefit with retirement
Let’s look at an example. I can retire faster and with more money then if i was to say work at a company for 50+ years. Or I can do both and double my retirement.
The reason I pick investing ion myself is simple. I can always rely on me. Life insurance banking and retirement planning is the future. And with the right financial planner I can do more with my time and feel safe about my investment. The best part is anyone can do it, you don’t have to be wealthy to invest in yourself.
Here’s what happens. For those who invest in the right life insurance you can guarantee a safe investment, and a hefty retirement plan.
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