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Welcome to Become The Banker Seminars. If you have not attended one of our free seminars you can access them at your convenience here. Our Seminars are meant to teach you how to take control of your financial life and give you the power over your finances. For over 200 years, it was at one time the best-kept secret of the wealthy. Walt Disney used it to build his famous theme park. And, J.C. Penny built his retail empire using it. In addition to Walt Disney and J.C. Penny there have been hundreds of famous people who have relied on the benefits and power of the Become the Banker strategy.

Every you will learn here is based on U.S. tax law and insurance contractual guarantees. Once you have had the chance to watch a few seminars please contact us to learn more or schedule a time with us to get started.

You can find some of our seminars below that teach you how Become The Banker works.  To learn more please you can schedule a time to come join one or our monthly seminars, watch our videos on or our website here

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

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